Company Overview

Newland Taiwan Inc. is one of the subsidiaries of Fujian Newland Computer Co. Ltd. which is a famous IT high-tech enterprise in China and listed on ShengZhen Stock Exchange (SSE) since year 2000. Newland was established in year 1994, and has been developing barcode decoding technologies more than 20 years. Moreover, Newland is one of the few barcode solution providers in the world who owns 2D barcode decoding core technology. In year 2010, Newland announced the first 2D barcode decoding IC chip, ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) in the world and leads barcode decoding technology to a new page. As barcode decoding technology is completely developed, barcodes related applications are adopted in different fields, such as medical, retail, banking, gaming, manufactures and warehouse management...etc. The products we design and develop include 1D/2D barcode scanning devices, and EFT POS terminals.

With great resource from Newland Group, experience accumulated and completed infrastructure in Taiwan, Newland Taiwan is becoming the total solution provider. Our mission is providing a convenient and smart living environment to all via Mobile IOT (Internet of Things) technology.


  • SCOPECONTROL Automatic Endoscope Tester
  • DoviScan DPM Reader
  • EM3090 Embedded 2D Barcode Scan Engine